Special Offers – Ferries Edipsos

Travel Agencies - School Excursions - Sports Teams, etc

For group tickets for more than 20 people, a 10% discount is offered each way.

Free travel for the bus/coach driver and the teacher/group leader.

A) Bus Price
upto 5m: 19,50 Euros
upto 7m: 27,30 Euros
upto 8,5m: 33,20 Euros

upto 12m: 46,90 Euros

For the issuance of group tickets, thr group leader must provide a full passenger list.

Transport Companies - Technical Companies - Construction Materials

Trucks 5,80 Euros per meter

Reservations can be made for all vehicle types.

Our company offers free passge for those who are travelling for social work reasons such as blood donations, etc.

50% DISCOUNT for children (from 5-8 years old) ***

50% DISCOUNT for International Student Card holders (ISIC) ***